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 Annual Picnic

September 13, 2005

Raffle Winners:

Totally Ferret 15# Active (donated by Performance Foods, Inc.) - Marsha Stanek                  Totally Ferret 15# Active (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Jan Storck                        Hammock/Bed Set (donated by Mary Mell) - Judy Bosteder                                              20' Clear Tube and Petromalt (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Judy Bosteder                          Harvest Fruit 4-piece Table Set (donated by Kathy Fritz) - Tonya Danz                                Kitty Video and Combat Toy (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Tonya Danz                                 A Pair of Ferret Statues (donated by Sara Landolt) - Deb Peitz                                      Mounds Pet Food Warehouse $25.00 Gift Card (donated by Mounds) - Lori Leeman and Makayla       30# Total Performance Dog Food (donated by Performance Foods, Inc.) - Marsha Stanek           Windy Babble Ball and Totally Ferret Bits (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Lori Leeman            MadCat $10.00 Gift Certificate (donated by MadCat) and Sleepy Sack (donated by Tammy Zielinski) -             Jan Storck and Billy Breault                                                              Rainbow Ball and Toy Football (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Marsha Stanek                          The Ferret Calendar 2005 and 2006 (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Wayne Bosteder           Ferretone and 8 in 1 Wipes (donated by Kritter Koncepts) - Lori Leeman and Makayla

Door Prizes:

Hammock and Sleepy Sack (donated by Tammy Zielinski) - Bob Hurley                            Hammock and Sleepy Sack (donated by Tammy Zielinski) - Judy Bosteder

Enjoy the pictures from a day of fun and socializing!


They're my winnings!


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