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Traveling With Your Ferret


  • Always place your ferret in a sturdy carrier. Loose ferrets in the car can be very dangerous -- they might get caught under the gas/brake pedal and cause and accident!

  • Set up the carrier with a pad on the bottom, a sleep sack, and hang a hammock. We use folded newspaper instead of litter. It's less messy and easy to roll up and throw away!

  • Place a two-part plastic dish on the door of the carrier. Use one part for food and put the water bottle over the other part. That way, the water drips into the container instead of on the bottom of the carrier.

If you are flying: 

  • Check with the Airlines first to see if they will take ferrets on board with you and not in Cargo.

  • Get a Health Certificate from your veterinarian. They are required by law.

  • Whether you are traveling by air or car, it's always best to know the laws in the states you are traveling in/through.

Any type of travel:

  • A current Health Certificate is always a good idea to carry with you along with a current rabies certificate and/or tag. We display the ferret's rabies tag on the carrier where it is always visible.

  • Be aware of Ferret Free Zones -- California should definitely not be on your agenda if you are travelling with your ferrets! It is illegal to have ferrets in California (even if travelling through the state). Keep up-to-date on other areas of the country where ferrets are illegal.

  • Always carry plenty of fresh water and ferret food with you. In hot weather, carry a cooler with frozen water bottles in case of air conditioning failure or car trouble! Even in you are just going to the vet, it's safe to keep extras in the car. One never knows when an accident can occur, whether you are involved in it, or just sitting in traffic waiting for the accident to be cleared. An overheated car can happen to anyone, anywhere!

  • Keep your ferrets comfortable and safe -- have a great trip!

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