Found Forever Homes in 2008


1/6/08 Mitch with new family, Chuck & Jackie

1/10/08 Sue with new family members Pete and Repete  1/27/08 The Wilson's with their new family members Whammy & Peanut
2/4/08 Greta & Joe with their new family Sissy, Bubbles and Tigger Sarah with new family member, Penny2/16/08 Sarah with her new family member, Penny. Sarah with new family member, Penny3/7/08 Austin with his new buddy, Nico.
Deanna and Sydney with new family members3/8/08 Deanna & Sydney with new  family members, Oz,Aussie,& Sydney. Jimmy and Scout Hurley (Bob was camera shy)3/15/08 Jimmy & Scout Hurley. Their new dad, Bob, was camera shy! Jakob and Kaleb with Mattie and Morgan3/29/08 Jakob & Kaleb holding their new pals, Mattie and Morgan.
Sarah and new fuzzie Bradley 4/12/08 Sarah and new pal, Bradley. Pandora Stanek Tootles Stanek
5/03/08 Pandora & Tootles Stanek
Weiss' with Suny5/18/08 Suny with his new family, the Weiss'.
Joe and Greta with Chadley and Babs5/31/08 Joe and Greta with new friends Chadley & Babs Shannon and Sue with Rossi and Casper6/18/08 Shannon and Sue with Rossi and Casper. Patrick with Mocha and Bandit6/23/08 Patrick holding his new buddies, Mocha and Bandit.
Falstaff and Bottom with mom, Deb.8/07/08 Deb with new boys, Falstaff and Bottom. Laurie holding new mate, Cha Chi8/11/08 Cha Chi with his new mom, Laurie. Parker with his new mom9/13/08 Parker with his new mom.
Mandy with Nipper and Slinky10/18/08 Mandy with new family members Nipper & Slinky.    

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