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Duck Soup Recipes

"Duck Soup" is a mixture of food and nutrition supplements that can be very helpful in nursing a sick ferret back to health. If your ferret gets a cold, or is otherwise sick and not eating well, these recipes can help nourish their bodies. Try out different recipes to find one your ferrets like best, before it becomes necessary.


    1 Cup Totally Ferret (or your current food)
    NuPro Ferret Supplement (2 scoops) optional
    Warm water

  • Add warm water, enough to cover the dry Totally Ferret (or your current food) and let stand until absorbed.
  • Place in blender, add warm water up to the top and blend on high until consistency of a  very weak milkshake.
  • Use all of mixture within 48 hours. Can be frozen in ice cube trays. Microwave a cube or two as needed.

We have found that ferrets having difficulty eating, or ferrets with ulcers, like the mixture made at different consistencies. Let them be the judge. If mixture is too thick just add water.

Sometimes to entice your ferret to eat, place a little of the mush on your finger. Let your ferret lick it off of your finger and gradually move toward the bowl. Once they get the taste, they'll usually drink right from the bowl. If the ferret is too sick to eat on his/her own, syringe feed with a 6 or 12cc oral syringe (have your veterinarian show you how to syringe feed). A lot of small meals is better than a few large meals when syringe feeding. We try to feed 24cc's per feeding at least every 4 hours.

Our ferrets that have insulinoma are given their Pred dose after they have been given their mush. They enjoy it so much that now they are waiting at their cage door and expect it!

As an alternative, the following mixture is fast and easy to make in a hurry:

    1 jar chicken baby food
    1/3 can sustacal
    Pedialite as needed for consistancy.

There are about as many duck soup recipes as there are ferrets, and you can always find more recipes at the other resources listed on the LINKS page.


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