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How to Trace a Lost Ferret

Contact The Ferret Nook ASAP, (608) 423-3315 -- we may be able to assist you in your search. Then...

  1. Check through your house carefully, including places where your ferret "couldn’t possibly be." Look inside drawers, under dressers, in hampers, under and inside refrigerators, washers, dryers, dryer-vent hoses, etc.
  2. Check your backyard, bushes and garage. Most ferrets when exploring a new area will cling to the side of a building or structure before venturing out into an open area.
  3. Take your ferret’s favorite squeaky toy around the neighborhood squeaking it and calling out your ferret’s name.
  4. Ask your neighbors and especially neighborhood children if they’ve seen your ferret. Kids spend more time outside than adults do and a new "creature" roaming the block will surely catch their attention. Ask permission to enter neighbor’s sheds or garages and ask your neighbors to check their dryer vents to see if the ferret may have climbed into them.
  5. Post notices and pictures of your ferret wherever possible -- bulletin boards at grocery stores, libraries, gas stations, etc. Be sure to go back and take them down again once your pet is back, safe at home.
  6. Alert your mailman, newspaper carrier, and anyone else who passes through your area frequently.
  7. Call your local police, animal control, and animal shelters. If possible, give them a picture of your ferret or a very detailed description. Does your ferret have any tattoos or distinguishing marks to make identification easier? Check back frequently since they may be too busy to call you.
  8. Place your ferret’s cage or carrier outside with some of his bedding, food, and water in it. Sometimes they can smell their way home. Check the cage frequently for signs of his/her return.
  9. If your ferret is microchipped, call the company and report him/her lost. Place an ad in your local newspaper. Give a detailed description of your pet, when it was lost, and the general area where it was lost. You don’t have to list an address, but be sure to list your phone number.
  10. Most ferrets will travel no further than a 10-block radius of their home. Never give up and remember, the more people aware of your missing ferret, the better chance of him/her returning home!

Important Phone Numbers to Have Near By:

Ferret Nook Shelter/Adoption Center: (608) 423-3315

Police:  ____________________________________

Veterinarian/Clinic:  ___________________________

Animal Control:  _____________________________

Animal Shelter/Humane Society:  _________________



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