Spring Cleaning May 14th and 15, 2005


Barry, Kathy and all the ferrets at The Ferret Nook Shelter would like to take this opportunity to thank:

    Alex, Andi, B, Beth, Deb, Lori, Nancy and Rich, Pat and Tammy for coming out and working on Saturday.

    Anita, B, Marsha, Natty, Nancy and Rich, Pam, Sue, and Sara, for working on Sunday.

Alot was accomplished in a short period of time! It goes to show you that the old saying "Many hands makes light work" holds true! We held a raffle and the winner was Nancy O'Brien. Nancy took home to her Grandferrets (B's kids) a beautiful bed set donated by Kritter Koncepts. Again, we want to thank all of the above mentioned members for all of their hard work to help make it a cleaner place for our shelter residents to live! Below are some of the pictures taken that weekend.




Adoption Room nice and clean!