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Other Ferret Sites/Resources



American Ferret Association (AFA) A national ferret organization.

Ferret Den A ferret shelter in Milwaukee, WI.

Ferret Fanciers of Greater Milwaukee A ferret shelter in Milwaukee, WI.

Ferret Wise Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

Fox Valley Ferret A ferret shelter located near Appleton, WI.

Frisky Ferrets of Louisiana, another great ferret organization.

Greater Chicago Ferret Association Chicago Area Ferret Organization

In the Company of Ferrets A ferret shelter and support network in Minnesota.

Legalize Ferrets This site gives information on ways to help with the legalization effort in California.

Nebraska Ferret Rescue A new ferret rescue in Nebraska.

New Rainbow Bridge A ferret shelter in Pennsylvania and ferret information site.

The Ferret Association of Connecticut, Inc. (FACT) A non-profit, humane and educational 501(c)3 charitable organization.

health/ferret care

fercent-8030.gif (1840 bytes) is a great resource...lots of info on ferrets, and directory to local clubs and shelters. Here is a shortcut to their Frequently Asked Questions.
 Ferrets Magazine Online - Ferret Care, Ferret Stories and Ferret Fun

clublogo.jpg (5760 bytes) (Miami Ferret Organization) An excellent site for ferret owners and veterinarians. A lot a medical information is listed.

weah1.gif (7536 bytes) Dr. Deborah Cottrell's site with very good ferret health care information.


mailing lists

Ferret Health List - a great resource on ferret health. Members include ferret savy veterinarians, shelter operators, and ferret owners. To join, go to Yahoo Groups

Ferret Mailing List (FML) - a daily digest compiled of ferret owners, shelter operators, etc with a common bond, the love of ferrets. To join send an email to by clicking on the above link.


Shopping for Your Ferrets . . .

Kritter Koncepts Logo  A great place to do your online ferret shopping. And a portion of your purchase goes to support the ferrets at the Ferret Nook Shelter / Adoption Center.

  When you sign up for iGive a percentage of your purchases will go directly to help the ferrets at The Ferret Nook Ferret Shelter. Sign up today!

www.ferretdepot.com An on-line ferret store.

www.ferretwarez.com A great place to order ferret tents, igloos, etc.


Veterinary Clinics - madison, WI

All Pets Veterinary Clinic - Ferret knowlegeable veterinary clinic in Middleton, WI

Fitchburg Veterinary Clinic - Ferret knowlegeable veterinary clinic in Fitchburg, WI.

Healthy Pet Veterinary Clinic - Ferret knowlegeable veterinary clinic in Madison, WI

Oregon Veterinary Clinic - Ferret knowledgeable veterinary clinic in Oregon, WI.



If you would like your site listed, please e-mail us at ferretnook@ferretnook.org. We'd be happy to add you to our Link listing.

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