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phone:   (608) 423-3315
fax:        (608) 423-9575
mail:      PO Box 3
              Cambridge, WI



Ways To Help Support The Shelter

  •  ADOPTION!! The ferrets living at The Ferret Nook are often happy, healthy young animals who ended up in the shelter through no fault of their own. They truly need loving, caring homes. Come and visit some of the little ones waiting for a family at the shelter, you may be surprised by what beautiful and well-behaved, ferrets are here.
  • PURCHASE FERRET SUPPLIES -- from Kritter Koncepts and a percentage of your purchases will be donated to the Ferret Nook.
  •  MONETARY DONATIONS are also greatly needed. It costs approximately $0.50 a day PER FERRET for food, litter, bedding, vaccinations and general care, and that doesn't even include the money needed for surgery for some of the ferrets. All donations are tax deductible, and can be in the form of monetary donations, or through our "Sponsor A Cage" program, in which your name is attached to a cage at the shelter, and your monetary donation is given to the care of the ferrets in that cage. For more information, please call or email.
  •  DONATIONS OF YOUR TIME are also extremely valuable. Litter pans need to be changed daily at the shelter, not to mention giving medication, feeding, changing and cleaning bedding, and other care. If you could volunteer just a few hours of your time to come out and help take care of these kids, your payment will be receiving many ferret kisses... a great reward for both you AND the ferrets! These guys really go crazy when they get to play with their humans!
  •  Shop iGive by choosing the Ferret Nook as your organization you wish to help.
  •  DONATIONS IN THE FORM OF SUPPLIES are also appreciated. Wish List:
Bounce Dryer Sheets
Liquid Tide HE (Original Scent) laundry detergent (for frontloading machines)
Cotton Swabs
Postage Stamps
Baby Blankets
Viva Paper Towels
Totally Ferret
Wood Fuel Pellets (for litter)
HP Inkjet Print Cartridges (HP 45 & 78)
HP Bright White Inkjet Paper

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