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phone:   (608) 423-3315
fax:        (608) 423-9575
mail:      PO Box 3
              Cambridge, WI



Steps to Adopt - -

1.  Read books, articles, magazines, research online about ferrets & their needs.

2.  Fill out and submit our online application, or email us for a hard copy.

3.  Give us 48 hours to review and do a background check on your application.

4.  Call (608) 423-3315 to set up an appointment.

5.  An initial visit/interview is required, then a second visit to sign the contract and  pick up your ferret.

ferrets require . . .

1.  Daily out of cage, supervised play

2.  Annual veterinary checkups and vaccinations

3.  Clean, comfortable cage with hammocks, sleep sacks, cubes, etc.

4.  Premium, high quality ferret food and fresh water on a daily basis

5.  Human interaction, love and affection

Things to think about before adopting . . .

1.  Does a ferret fit my lifestyle? Now and when/if my lifestyle changes?

2.  Does my landlord allow ferrets?

3.  Is the ferret(s) a household decision? And if my relationship changes, can I make sure that my ferret(s) is also welcome?

4.  Am I financially and emotionally prepared if my ferret gets a serious illness or has an accident?

5.  Will I still want my ferret when the “newness” wears off and when my ferret slows down with old age (or illness)?

    Please THINK before you adopt – do your research first. Make an informed and well thought out decision before bringing a ferret in to your life! It’s a long-term commitment, not just a passing fad!  

Mischiff Playing with Clay pot 

Want to see some of our permanent residents and our Memorial Page.

Ferret Nook Ferrets that have Found Forever Homes.


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